SMACKDOWN Results – August 7 – 2009

1. John Morrison defeated Tyson Kidd
John Morrison scored second win over Tyson Kidd with his starship pain move.
WWE John Morrison

2. Slam Master J defeated Charlie Haas
Splash off the top rope helps Slam Master J to register an easy win.
WWE Charlie Hass

3. Fatal Four Way Match : Dolph Ziggler defeated R-Truth, Finlay, Mike Knox for Intercontinental Championship Match at SummerSlam
Dolph Ziggler, with the win over three WWE superstars in Fatal four way Match, has earned a title opportunity at Summer Slam to face the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio for the tile.
WWE Dolph ZigglerWWE R-TruthWWE FinlayWWE Mike Knox

4. JTG defeated Chris Jericho
WWE Universe got stunned by the defeat of Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho from JTG. As JTG scored win with his an inside-cradle move out of nowhere.
WWE JTGWWE Chris Jericho

5. The Great Khali defeated Ricky Ortiz
The great Khali scored an easy win over Ricky Ortiz with his Punjabi Plunge. Soon after the match was over, Kane came into the ring and attacked Khali and his interpreter Ranjit SIngh.
WWE The Great Khali

6. World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy defeated CM Punk in a title match for World Heavyweight Championship
With Jeff’s brother Matt as a special guest referee, Jeff Hardy took on CM Punk for the world heavyweight championship. Even before the ringing of the bell, both the superstars attacked each other. In the end, with the help of Matt, Jeff Hardy retained his Title.
WWE Jeff HardyWWE CM Punk

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